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2013年10月19日 (土)

Musique Fantastique


著:Randall D Larson
刊:Creature Features


 年代順になっており、まだBOOK ONEしか出ていないが、早くBOOK THREE以降が出て欲しいものだ。
 各巻の内容は以下のとおり。つまり、BOOK ONEは映画創世記から50年代まで。

BOOK ONE - Beginnings And The First Golden Age (1900-1959)
 The Sound of the Silents
 The Universal Monster Music Factory
 Fantasies of the '30s & '40s
 Sci-Fi Films of the '50s
 The Monster Music of Japan
 Music for Television, Part 1
 Individual Chapters on: Miklós Rózsa, Roy Webb, Dimitri Tiomkin

BOOK TWO - Post Classical Cinema and Music Beyond Hollywood (The 1960s)
 The Mysterious Worlds of Bernard Herrmann
 AIP and Low Budget Sci-Fi Music of the '60s
 Horrors from Hammer and Others: British Film Music of the '60s and '70s
 Monster Music in Mexico, South America, and the Philippines
 European Film Score Stylisms from Spain to Serbia
 Italian Film Music Innovations: From Sword & Sandal to Grue & Giallo
 Music for Animated Science Fiction & Fantasy

BOOK THREE - The Symphonic Resurgence and the Rise of the Machines (1970-1989)
 The Versatility of Jerry Goldsmith
 The Rise of Electronic Film Music
 John Williams and the Resurgence of the Symphonic Score
 Fantastic Film Music in the '70s and '80s
 Music for J-Horror, Fantastic Kung-Fu, and Indonesian Genre Cinema
 Post Apocalyptic Film Music Down Under
 Horror & Fantasy Music from Bollywood
 Fantasy Television Music of the '90s and Beyond

BOOK FOUR - The Turning of a New Millennium (1990-2010)
 The Hybrid Horror & Fantasy Music of the '90s
 Science Fiction & Synthesis
 New Styles for the New Millennium: The 2000s
 The World Beat: New Composers for the New Millennium
 New Directions in Fantastic Film Music


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